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Furniture Plans: Perfect For The Home Handyman

The art of working with wood and literally cutting and carving the rough surfaces into beautiful yet functional pieces of furniture is thousands of years old. One of the earliest trades was carpentry, a skill honed and mastered by the creative and talented.

Furniture was originally a primary purpose of carpentry as mechanized manufacturing was many hundreds of years off. Today, despite the ease and availability of purchasing most any piece of furniture one can want, they still provide a rewarding experience for the home hobbyist, an experience of working with one’s hands to bring form and function to simple pieces of wood. Read More…

Budgeting Hardwoods Into Your Project Plans

When you are putting together your project plans, be sure you have the proper wood and the right amount. If your plans are for furniture, and not simple workshop shelves and benches, then you will want to buy the best wood so that your craftsmanship can be shown at its highest form.

Hardwoods, such as red or white oak, cherry, and hard maple are the best choices for creating masterpieces that will stand out where ever you sit them in the house. Read More…