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Budgeting Hardwoods Into Your Project Plans

When you are putting together your project plans, be sure you have the proper wood and the right amount. If your plans are for furniture, and not simple workshop shelves and benches, then you will want to buy the best wood so that your craftsmanship can be shown at its highest form.

Hardwoods, such as red or white oak, cherry, and hard maple are the best choices for creating masterpieces that will stand out where ever you sit them in the house.

You are going to want to make sure you have more than enough wood when you are envisioning your woodworking project ideas. Figure on buying about twenty-percent more wood than you will need. That way you can afford a little waste, and be more picky about which pieces of wood end up getting used in your project.

Since hardwoods are sold in random sizes, you will need to know how to calculate the amount of wood you will need, which is pretty easy to do. Multiply the thickness of the board by the length of the board, and by the width of the board. Divide that total by 144, and you will have the number of board feet in the lumber you are looking at.

You do not want to be in a hurry when you are buying hardwood. The more time you take and the more selective you are, the better the end result is going to be. Go by the process of elimination, and start with the best boards you can find, then start discarding the ones you find with warp, stains, sapwood or snipe.

Make sure that you get the straightest grain possible, as well. Since there are basically three different cuts of lumber, you are going to want to go with the best one, which is the quartersawn cut. The quartersawn will have growth rings that are 60 to 90 degrees to the face of the board.

Also, many of the hardwoods, when they are quartersawn, will show some highly figured grain, or ray flecks, that have a stunning effect when they are finished. Since a lot of lumber is wasted when it is being quartersawn, this cut of lumber is going to be the most expensive. However, once you see how striking the piece of furniture that you created looks inside your house, you will be glad you budgeted a little bit over in your woodworking project plans.


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